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What is Problem with Legacy Email Providers?

Legacy email service providers rely on obsolete protocols, like IMAP/SMTP, which were designed and developed in 1982 and last updated in 2008. They are, as such, not only cumbersome to use but also highly susceptible to hacks and exploits. In the past two years alone, 94% of cyberattacks were carried out via email, resulting in over $26 Billion in losses worldwide.

Legacy email service providers like Google make their money by riffling through your data. They read your emails and analyze their contents in order to make you a better target for the ads they bombard you with. That’s their business model. Data privacy is only an illusion. Read more about email privacy, or the lack thereof, here .

Legacy email service providers either don’t offer any encryption at all or provide inadequate encryption in terms of network connection. However, actual email content and attachments remain unencrypted thus if a hacker manages to tap into your network, all your unencrypted messages will be exposed to the outside world.

Legacy email service providers are centralized. They control your data and, that means, they can lose control of your data too. Their servers, with your data on them, can be destroyed, on purpose or by accident, and they can be seized by malicious hackers, state, or even non-state actors.
Why LedgerMail?
LedgerMail is an immutable, truly private, completely secure, fully customizable, and cost-effective email service that will soon render the old ways of providing email service obsolete by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

LedgerMail replaces traditional, obsolete and cumbersome Email transfer protocols such as IMAP/SMTP with immutable, tamper-proof and revolutionary Blockchain Technology. Transfer of each email is considered as a Blockchain Transaction and each transaction is validated with XDPoS 2.0 consensus mechanism.

In collaboration with XDC Network, LedgerMail operates on 4th generation Hybrid Blockchain Platform which is a lightning fast, enterprise-ready, super secure, accountable and forensic control enabled military grade fabric based on Delegated Proof of Stake (XDPoS 2.0) algorithm with 108 transaction-validating master nodes (and 192 additional standby nodes) scattered around the globe.

LedgerMail uses Cryptographic Algorithms with asymmetric encryption on the client side with recipients public key. The emails sent on the network are verified & authenticated for the correct recipient. This avoids any hacks of modified headers and spam emails possible in existing email protocols.

LedgerMail operates on fully decentralized network where nodes are distributed across the network to form immutable network which makes it impossible to be controlled and hacked by external parties. There is no single authority to manipulate and control user data and LedgerMail ensures to bring zero trust mechanism.
An altruistic vision backed by Passion, Innovation and Industry Experience to build Decentralized Email Ecosystem
We are leveraging Blockchain Technology to store emails on shared ledger with distribution of nodes across Blockchain Network.
We are inheriting all the capabilities of Blockchain Technology to build immutable, tamper-proof and non-hackable service within Decentralized Email Ecosystem.
Cryptographic algorithms, Asymmetric-Key Mechanism and Hashing Functions to provide highest level of Encryption mechanism.
Eliminating centralized governance and using asymmetric cryptography for enhancing the privacy of users.
No more header manipulation, editing or overwriting to spoof Email ID’s, breach the network and hack the user data.
Seamless & Hassle-free Experience

LedgerMail is ID agnostic which means, users can Sign Up to LedgerMail with their existing and valid email ID irrespective of domain.
Users can have an email ID with any custom domain such as,,, or even customized premium company domains.
LedgerMail treats each email transfer as a blockchain transaction and users will be assigned a unique Wallet ID which will get mapped internally with a given Email ID.
However, users don’t need to worry about these complex backend operations and focus on having a seamless experience of using LedgerMail.

As we are using these platforms for quite some time and we are used to their user interface, LedgerMail provides customized UI of these platforms.
Enabling a simple Chromium-based browser extension, acting as a secure vault in which users’ public and private keys are stored, LedgerMail will take you to customized UI from where you can exchange secure emails.

While transferring secure emails through LedgerMail, sender needs to ensure receiver is also part of LedgerMail Ecosystem.
If recipient is not part of LedgerMail ecosystem then sender can invite recipient and with few clicks Sign Up can be completed.
This is very much similar to using messaging applications such as Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp, where it is required that both sender and receiver to be part of same application.
We are ensuring to build completely isolated and highly secure Email Ecosystem where no external breach is possible through traditional email protocols or email providers.

As users are signing up to LedgerMail with existing email ID, it does not mean users will stop receiving emails from senders who are not part of LedgerMail.
Emails which are not sent through LedgerMail will still get received in your inbox, however they won’t be encrypted or decentralized.
LedgerMail encourages users to invite all the contacts to LedgerMail where we can build Decentralized Email Ecosystem and reduce dependency from Legacy Email Services.
  1. Customization of LedgerMail UI as per email platform.
  2. Customization of LedgerMail functionalities for Chat and Messaging.
  3. On-board users at scale without worrying about email domain.
  4. Easy integration with Web Applications.
  5. Develop LedgerMail Ecosystem to transfer decentralized emails.
For Enterprises, LedgerMail will be setup on Permissioned Blockchain Platform of XDC Network.
If your organization wants access to 10000+ user accounts (including employees, users and enterprise clients) then
LedgerMail would love to Partner with you!
Let’s Partner to Secure your Email Platforms in a Decentralized Way!
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