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Did you know?

1. Did you know that your email accounts can be hacked?

Over 25 million email accounts are being sold on Dark Web.

2. Did you know that your emails can be read by your email service provider?

Email service providers read, process and target ads to it's users. Making meaningful use of email data is the way free services make money. Read more on email privacy

3. Even encrypted email services can be hacked!

The existing encrypted email services are vulnerable to hacks due to its centralised nature.

What is LedgerMail

A decentralised platform to send and receive
secure & encrypted emails.

Email is the standard for communication, tragically email services are composed with no privacy and no security. 272 million email records and passwords of email accounts are being offered to be purchased on the Dark Web for under $200.

Ledgermail is a blockchain based email service. Ledgermail uses asymetric encryption, meaning only receiver and sender can read emails with his/her private key, providing transcendent security and privacy.

Ledgermail integrates with browsers and existing email web apps to allow easy access to ledgermail and send private, secure and encrypted emails.

Best Features

The ledgermail team combines the passion, industry experience & proven records in development to bring the best in ledgermail.

Ultra Secure & Private
Instant Private Emails

Send secure and private emails, locked with encryption

Use Existing Email Address
Attach email address with ledgermail

Send and receive emails to your existing email address.

Ultra secure attachments
Encrypted attachments

The attachemnts are encrypted and stored on a decentralised network.

Asymmetric Encryption

Secure and Private Emails

Ledgermail uses asymmetric encryption using user's public key attached with email address and private key. The xsalsa20 used by ledgermail, is a stream cipher algorithm to encrypt the emails and data which is a fast and secure method used for encrypted communication and storage.

Ledgermail encrypts the email message with receiver's public key (address) offline at client side. The message sent is validated by the network for authenticity and is delivered to the recipient.

The encrypted emails can only be read by the receiver using the ledgermail application. The application stores the receiver's private key which is again symetrically encrypted with a password for security.

Ease of Use

Secure Ledgermail Applications

Ledgermail integrates seamlessly with your browser using a chrome extension. The extension is an offline application which works as a secure vault to store the public and private key of the user account.

The Ledgermail mobile application and web application are also available for accessing ledgermail on the go.

The Ledgermail mobile application and web application are also available for accessing ledgermail on the go.

Power of Blockchain

The Decentralized Ecosystem

The blockchain network is the underlying infrastructure that supports ledgermail service operate in decentralized ecosystem. Ledgermail uses DPoS algorithm which provides faster transactions and less energy consumption.

Ledgermail encrypts emails on the client side with recipient's public key. The emails sent on the network are verified for their authencity, the correct recipient the email is supposed to be sent. This avoids any hacks of modified headers and spam emails possible in existing email protocols.


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