4 reasons why you should be part of Decentralized Email Ecosystem!

Published on: March 29th, 2022
With the adoption of Web 3.0 and Industrial Revolution 4.0 lead by DLT, Decentralized Applications, and DeFi solutions, we are entering into a new era of communication where we are no longer supposed to compromise our Digital Rights.
One of the major technological verticals which every individual and organization use in their day-to-day life but still doesn’t think through around compromising their security, privacy, or even giving control to third parties to manage their data and scan it for advertising machines.
Considering these challenges and with an imperative focus on retaining Digital Rights by creating Digital Identity in Web 3.0, LedgerMail is revolutionizing the email ecosystem. With the introduction of LedgerMail , we are replacing traditional email transfer protocols with Blockchain technology where messages will be treated as transactions on the blockchain networks and can follow asymmetric public/private key sharing mechanisms to retain privacy.
So, what are the 4 reasons you should adopt to LedgerMail and be part of the Decentralized Email Ecosystem?
1. Current email transfer protocols are obsolete, cumbersome, and hackable in nature!
As we know, current email transfer protocols such as IMAP/SMTP are very old-fashioned and were designed in 1982 and were last updated in 2008. Having such obsolete and cumbersome email transfer protocols, resulted in an easy target for hackers to breach through these protocols and launch email attacks for fraudulent demands.
With LedgerMail , we are replacing these traditional, obsolete, cumbersome, and hackable email transfer protocols with Blockchain technology which is considered to be one of the most secure technology in the current age. LedgerMail inherits all the features and capabilities of Blockchain and DLT to build a Decentralized network where messages are stored on shared ledgers of Blockchain.
2. Security provided by current email ecosystem is inadequate and easy target for sophisticated hackers!
Though current email providers try to provide some kind of security but when underlying mechanism of email transfer is cumbersome, sophisticated hackers can easily spoof and manipulate email headers to impersonate as a higher management in an organization and try to launch fraudulent attacks.
With LedgerMail , each email ID is assigned with unique wallet ID which cannot be spoofed and email transfer between sender and receiver is highly isolated where both the parties can encrypt/decrypt their messages and attachments through asymmetric key sharing mechanism.
3. User privacy getting compromised through control of third-party email providers!
We have seen several instances where email providers try to scan the content of your emails to feed data to their advertising machines and even user account data is leveraged to deploy personalized ads on social media and search engines. User privacy has become an issue of imperative importance since we are experiencing such policies being rolled out frequently.
To avoid this issue, LedgerMail works in complete isolation where only the sender and receiver can see the messages which are cryptographically encrypted and stored on a decentralized network. With introduction of asymmetric key sharing mechanism, LedgerMail ensures to encrypt data transferred over public ledgers and only commuting parties are able to access this data.
4. Centralized storage gives centralized control to third-party email providers!
Current email transfer systems work on centralized storage where all user data, messages, and attachments are stored on centralized servers. Having such centralization of data may result in a single point of failure, accidental burn to the ground, or even being seized by third parties. Along with this, centralized storage allows these email providers to have control over the ecosystem and manipulate it as needed.
On contrary, LedgerMail builds a Decentralized Email Ecosystem where no single authority is responsible to manage user data. Having distributed nodes across the network also ensures to enhance the level of security and makes it impossible for hackers to get control of this network.
In a nutshell, LedgerMail has started revolutionizing with its unique features, high customization, cost-effectiveness, prevention of email fraud, and prevention of Digital Rights of users by building a Decentralized Email Ecosystem.
Comment down if you find any more reasons why we should be part of the Decentralized Email Ecosystem and be part of this revolution!