4 ways to revolutionize Email Ecosystem with Decentralized Email Solution!

Published on: March 31st, 2022
We are in the era of Technology Revolution, Digital Transformation, Digital Innovation, and Industrial Revolution 4.0 where we are experiencing technologies are scaling without humans and bringing true operational resilience in terms of user experience, automation, and ROI.
While we are advancing on many technological and industrial verticals, one area which is still untapped is Email Ecosystem.
Emails are our regular, day-to-day life communication channel and it is not evolving and innovating as expected. We are still using email transfer protocols which were designed in 1982 and were last updated in 2008. We are experiencing a monopoly of big tech giants using their email platforms with little or no encryption, privacy, and security.
To eliminate these pain points and revolutionize the Email Ecosystem completely, the Decentralization of Blockchain technology stands as the main alternative.
How we can leverage Blockchain and Decentralization to redesign, revamp and revolutionize Email Ecosystems?
1. Replacement of Existing Protocols
We can begin by replacing existing and traditional email transfer protocols such as SMTP/IMAP which are cumbersome and hackable in nature with Blockchain Technology.
With Blockchain, we can store the emails/messages on shared ledgers similar to any crypto transaction. It will easily replace current email transfer protocols with Blockchain and we can inherit all the benefits of Blockchain technology here which is getting recognized as one of the most secure and trustworthy technologies in the current market.
2. Encrypting Emails with Cryptography
Current email platforms do provide Transport Layer Security but are it enough to secure your emails from breaches?
In TSL Encryption, the connection between Sender and Receiver is encrypted which is subjected to the receiver having TSL enabled at his end. In this way, one email server can send a message to another email server and TSL can encrypt the connection.
But the only the connection is encrypted in this case, payload data or actual email content is still un-encrypted which makes it vulnerable to breach.
To cope with this problem, we can leverage open source Cryptography Algorithms such as xSalsa20 Stream Cipher Algorithms, which can cryptographically encrypt the messages and make it next to impossible to decrypt with external intervention and breach.
3. No need to compromise Privacy
Although current email providers mention they don’t scan email content exclusively to collect information for their advertising machines, data from our accounts is used to serve advertisements in our mailbox. By changing the Privacy Policies of these open-source platforms, they are collecting as much information as they can, which is compromising our privacy to great extent.
With Blockchain and Decentralization where all the data is encrypted and stored on a distributed network, no single authority can dictate our data and we can experience enhanced privacy through the same.
4. Replacing Centralized Storage with Decentralization
Current email providers have centralized storage where all the information and data is stored which makes it vulnerable to a single point of failure. We have seen several instances in the past where such centralized servers are compromised and suffered through catastrophic failure, accidentally burn to the ground, and even seized by a third party.
With Decentralization, where nodes are distributed along with the network and encrypted documents are stored on a decentralized IPFS network, we are eliminating this possibility of a single point of failure and increasing the security layers through Decentralization.
With consideration of all of the above pain points, problems and concerns, we have come up with Revolutionary, Immutable, Cryptographically secure, and World’s First,
Join us in the journey of securing your Emails with Decentralized Email and be part of our Decentralized Email Ecosystem!